Are you ready to venture into YOUR extraordinary life?

Your life can be an adventure instead of a struggle. Let me show you how!

Let's take an adventure together...

Hi! My name is Emilie and I believe that life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle, day in and day out. I also believe that you should be living a life that feels good more than it doesn’t. If your life doesn’t feel this way, I’d like to invite you to try something different. 

What if you started living life as if it was the biggest adventure of all? What quests would you take? What challenges would you face? Who would be on your travel team?

If you’re ready to start experiencing an extraordinary life, where adventures abound, miracles and magick are everywhere, and you navigate with your own compass… I would love to be your tour guide!


"I can say many things about Emilie, all of them good and all of them said confidently. If I were to encapsulate my experiences with one word, however, it would be the one she took for herself: alignment.

Many of us often feel unconnected or uncentered and the right kind of guidance is needed. Yes, it does help if you felt/feel a connection to something, even your own intuition. Emilie has a foundational understanding of magick, but her advice is clear and understandable. It goes deeper than that with Emilie, though. You’re not simply reading Tarot or discussing lunar or solar phases – you’re dissecting influences in your life that you may not recognize. Emilie’s guidance, her presentation of that guidance, and her genuine care for her clients supersedes any spiritual advice I’ve ever received.

If you have questions, or simply want to know more, I wholeheartedly encourage you to contact her. Don’t underestimate the power of a good witch."
Josh Whitener
Magickal Coaching Client
"Emilie is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. When I first met her I was drowning in an abusive relationship but with her genuine care and gentle honesty I was able to get out of that relationship and work on finding my true happiness again. She listened with care, wisdom and openness, helping me find the truth for myself. She was supportive on my bad days and encouraged me to find my adventure.

I will always be grateful for meeting Emilie when I did and her guidance leading me to my true adventure and happiness. She has pulled me through some of my darkest moments and helped me enjoy life again.

If you are craving more in life, she is the person to talk to. She has a huge heart and will be honest without judgement."
Tiffany Finney
Transformation Coaching Client

Dare to adventure...